We value people

Nefa Group, which carries out serious R&D activities to bring natural and organic products to the consumer, is founded on the motto of "valuing people".

Superior Quality

We reflect our know-how and experience to our products and services with our superior quality approach.



Reliability is the most important guarantee we give to our customers together with our employees.



Based on satisfaction with our expert team, we are at your side with pre-sales and after-sales support.


Company Profile

Founded in 2013, Nefa Group Sağlık Dış Tic. Ltd. Sti. In addition to domestic and international Gastronomy, Furniture, Construction material markets, it continues to work on the production and marketing of Natural-Medical Food supplements.

Now and always, we walk into the future with the awareness of the responsibility we carry from the past to the present. While producing and developing, we act without deviating from the principles of “respect for nature, benefit to people” and we take our strength from your belief in us.


Our founding member, who was introduced to the field of traditional medicine and treatment during the treatment of a family member, started to apply acupuncture and bioenergy treatment to our patients from Europe.

Between 1999 and 2006 our treatment center tried to treat patients from Europe with acupuncture and bioenergy.

Between 2006-2008, our service continued with MNM Acupuncture Rehabilitation Center in Bursa – Oylat hot springs.

In 2008, Marmara Distributorship of one of Turkey’s leading medical-natural food supplement manufacturers was acquired.

With the Phytotherapy Center opened in Bursa Center between 2009-2012, it continued to serve our people with early diagnosis, diagnosis and preventive treatment methods under the supervision of two specialist doctors.

At the Phyto Therapy Center, the device, which provides a comprehensive Check-Up by measuring the energy changes in the body, has created satisfaction by providing early diagnosis and diagnosis to many of our patients.

This was something new for Turkey and the appropriate legislation was not in place. The Phytotherapy Center had to suspend its work due to lack of appropriate legislation.

In 2013, Nefa Group Sağlık Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti was established and the decision was made to expand abroad. While marketing gastronomy, furniture and construction materials abroad, we focused on Natural – Medical food supplements and conducted market research.

Currently, with more than 30 of its own Natural – Medical food supplement products, it continues to work to deliver its products to those in need, especially in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.


Our products that are the work of trust

We are happy and proud to bring you our products that are "the work of trust" on this path we set out by adopting satisfaction as a principle.